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Where can I buy Pilot Pens?
  Pilot pens can be bought from major bookstores, hypermarkets, departmental stores supermarkets such as Big Bookshop, Carrefour, Cziplee, Giant, Jusco, Kinokuniya, MPH Bookstores, Mydin, Parkson, Popular Book, The Store, Times, etc … If you are having difficulty locating a specific product, please email us at enquiry@pilotpen.com.my  
How do I get TRADE and WHOLESALE information?
  Please email your request to us at enquiry@pilotpen.com.my  
How do I remove permanent marker stains from the wall and timber door?
  Even though we cannot guarantee or be responsible for any stain removal especially in removing it completely we suggest the following: Generally it is better to use Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) which is a solvent to dissolve oil based ink. Thinner or Benzene can also be used for removal of stains, but they are stronger than ethanol and they may damage material. In the first instance use a cloth soaked in Ethanol first and wipe up the ink stain carefully. If this is unsuccessful then try thinner or Benzene. If using Permaball that writes on plastic, glass, ceramic and metal the permanent type of ink used can be erased with a damp cloth or tissues within a few hours of writing.  
How do I remove gel ink from clothing?
  Gel ink might be difficult to remove completely. We recommend the following: Dissolve some hand soap in water and slowly tap the stained clothing with it. Rinse under running water and repeat if necessary.  
I want to ask a question that is not on FAQ’s page, what do I do?
  Please email us your request to enquiry@pilotpen.com.my  
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